Quincy Scott Jr.

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Following service in the United States Army as a chaplain (1968–1995), Colonel Quincy Scott Jr., USA, Retired, was called by his alma mater, prestigious Shaw University in Raleigh, North Carolina, where he served for 16 years as Dean of the Chapel and University Chaplain.

The Rev. Dr. Scott attended Shaw University, Oberlin, and Vanderbilt University. His assignments during his illustrious career as a United States Army chaplain included tours in Vietnam, South Korea, Germany, and Italy.

Since his retirement from Shaw University, Dr. Scott lives in Fuquay Varina, North Carolina, with his wife, Colonel Constance Scott, USA, Retired, and enjoys their grandchildren and two puggles, Melana and Dexter.


The Battle Is Not Mine: The Life of a Black Army Chaplain

During the 1960s and Early ’70s.

The Battle Is Not Mine

A magnificent portrayal of life in the African American professional world, The Battle Is Not Mine: The Life of a Black Army Chaplain During the 1960s and Early ’70s is a must-read for all who endeavor to grow in appreciation and understanding of the ever-changing racial  complexities that challenge our society, our youth, and our military members as we face the heavy responsibilities of living in a broken world. Come to this book knowing that you will have opportunities to taste Dr. Scott’s  humor, sense his struggles, and be discomforted as you confront your own boundaries, experiences, and limitations, all the while knowing that our faith will be validated.

— Chaplain (MG) Lorraine K. Potter

United States Air Force, Retired

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