Manuscript Preparation

L1020477.jpgOur publications include books in the fields of religion, psychology, marketing and business ethics, literary fiction, poetry, memoirs, and children’s books. Future publications might include sociology and history. The Intermundia Press, LLC, is willing to look at your manuscript. If it is thought that the manuscript has merit for our catalog, we will be delighted to accept it for publication. If your manuscript is accepted for publication, you will find a PDF file of our not exhaustive but thorough manuscript preparation guidelines that you can download below.

This PDF is an Acrobat Reader-compatible file. If you do not have Adobe’s Acrobat Reader, please visit Adobe’s Website at and download a free copy of Acrobat Reader.

Manuscript Preparation Requirements

The Intermundia Press, LLC, reserves the right to change these rules as necessary in order to remain up-to-date. Future editions of this file will be made available and marked accordingly.