Elaine P. Morgan

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Elaine P. Morgan is an award-winning poet and freelance writer. Born and raised in Queens, New York, her love and compassion for animals led her to find time for animal rescue work despite a career and busy lifestyle. After moving to Virginia, her love of all creatures great and small led her to become a licensed wildlife rehabilitator, specializing in avian species.

A current member of the Poetry Society of Virginia, Elaine was awarded with the Virginia Senior Poet Laureate award in 2005, 2007, 2008, and 2011. She recorded her first CD, Raining Cats and Dogs, which is a journey of memoir and poetry to help those in grief who have loved and lost their beloved pets.


Flying in Spirit: How a Human Being Learned to Thrive in Illness and Disability Through the Spirit of Handicapped Wild Birds

Flying in Spirit

Flying in Spirit concerns Elaine P. Morgan’s years as a licensed wildlife rehabilitator. The insight and life affirming lessons she observed over the years through close observation of the birds and waterfowl that were either disabled or healthy during her years of health and later through cancer, chronic illness , and disability helped her to fly in spirit as they all did.

$19.95          ISBN 978-1-887730-31-0          paper, 131 pp. with color plates         PayPal.Me/EricKillinger