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The Nerve of My Third Twin: A Memoir and Poetics of Classic Trigeminal Neuralgia


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The Nerve of My Third Twin: A Memoir and Poetics of Classic Trigeminal Neuralgia, published by Ægis Books (an imprint of The Intermundia Press LLC), narrates the challenges faced in dealing with this rare neurological disorder from a personal and psychological vantage point.

On a warm, late August morning, an electrical pain spiked though the right side of my head from crown to cheek. Deciding it was merely the result of a hangnail digging into my scalp, I thought nothing of it until the electrical pain shocks began coming with more frequency and lasted longer than several seconds. Diagnosed initially as an acquired sinus problem, the prescribed regimen of antihistamines and cortical steroids failed to alleviate the symptoms, and I was forced to take more drastic action in an attempt to ameliorate what is considered the most painful agony a human being can experience.

This book traces a life interrupted by classic trigeminal neuralgia, surgery, clinical depression, a recurrence of this rare disorder, more surgery, and the changes in the daily routines of life brought about by this insidious, idiopathic disorder, the origin of which no one seems to understand.

The Nerve of My Third Twin is available in hardback for ordering from and will soon be available in local bookstores for $21.95. A Kindle version is due out in October. 20% discount for orders of 10 or more books through The Intermundia Press LLC’s website at

The Nerve of My Third Twin