Hungry Moon


The Intermundia Press is proud to announce the release of a new book by poet Charlotte Barr, Hungry Moon: Portraits of Appalachian Women. Based on interviews conducted during a sabbatical in 1985–1986, this volume is an incredible document of and testament to the women of Appalchia. With a foreword by Marie Cirillo, this book, which is a collaborative effort featuring the music and lyrics of David Farrington Barr, the photography of Warren Brunner, and the words of Charlotte Barr raises our consciousness and consciences. It is a real treasure within the scope of Americana and a much-needed addition to our ongoing understanding of contemporary American history—a revelation of a mostly unknown, unheard history.

Hearing these women’s voices as they sound off the page is one thing. Seeing them in Warren Brunner’s photographs is icing on the cake. Add to this the haunting music and lyrics of David Farrington Barr’s song, “Hungry Moon,” and we experience the sense of struggle and hope in the images and powerful and empowering voices of the mountain women within these pages.

Through this book, we are blessed for having been provided with a language that is both a prelude and call to action and itself is a kind of action. This is indeed a meaningful achievement.

Charlotte Barr is the author of a number of books of poetry, including Sister WomanThe Bell Buckle YearsThe Text Beneath, and Looking Up. Her most recent publication is My Youth Like Petals: A Convent Memoir, published by the Intermundia Press.

ISBN 978-1-887730-50-1                                                                                $18.95 + S&H

*Please note that if you order this book from a channel other than the Intermundia Press or directly from the author, you will have to order the Photo/Music CD direcetly from the Intermundia Press using the order code within the book. Cost is $3.95 for shipping and handling charges.