Anne Kathryn Killinger


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Anne Kathryn Killinger was a concert pianist, a college professor, a Parisian model, and the wife of a widely known clergyman. She lived in Boston, New York, Los Angeles, Nashville, Birmingham, Paris, and Oxford, and before passing away in 2014 resided near Washington, DC. Anne is also the author of An Inner Journey to Christmas and An Inner Journey to Easter, as well as the novels, Pendleton Farm and Rachel Remembers.


A Son Is a Son Till He Gets a Wife: How Toxic Daughters-in-Law Destroy Families

A Son Is a Son

I know this is a curious title, and people who have never experienced the rejection of a son at his wife’s behest won’t understand it.

But those who have been through this experience—whose sons have married and turned against them as if they were dirt after all the years of love and care the parents gave them—will rejoice at finding this book and knowing they aren’t alone.

Actually, the desertion of parents by married sons is not uncommon. Would that it were! Almost every psychologist or counselor with whom I have talked knows of several instances in which it has happened. They speak of the great sorrow and agitation of the parents, mother and father alike, who can’t understand why a child has turned against them.

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