L1022207Formally Angel Books Inc., The Intermundia Press LLC grew out of a response to calls for books with more polish, a publisher who listens to and helps authors with their visions of a finished product, and an opportunity to provide good value and courteous professional service to clients in the print-on-demand publishing market.

The Intermundia Press has its own design office, Ars Intermundia Expressus, where much of the book and cover design work occurs.

The publisher, Dr. Eric Killinger, has 20 years’ worth of experience in editing, book and cover design, and publishing.

Our publisher’s expertise covers the publication of books in fields of religion, psychology, and marketing and business ethics. The Intermundia Press also publishes literary fiction, poetry, memoirs, and children’s books. Our authors are nationally and internationally renown, and we are proud to work with them as they make their work publicly known and available.

Our printing partner is Lightning Source Inc., a division of the Ingram Content Group. We offer placement in Ingram’s Advance Catalog, and through their distribution our books find their way to Amazon.com and numerous brick-and-mortar stores, such as Barnes & Noble.

We also publish eBooks for Amazon’s Kindle.

Even though many of our books are published under the banner of The Intermundia Press, we offer several imprints, including Angel Books; Ars Intermundia Expressus; Plain Vanilla Press; and our newest imprints, Themistes Books, chosen for the publication of our business ethics series, ÆGIS BOOKS for memoirs, and Asklepieion Books, for books in medicine, psychology, and related fields.

For pricing and further information, please contact Eric at drerickillinger@icloud.com or use the contact page herein.